How does a mechanical lawn mower work?

A person pushes the handlebars, applying force. The applied force is moved down the handle, pushing the mower forward on its wheels. As the shaft rotates, it rotates a pair of gears. The first gear has a larger diameter than the smaller pinion.

Most rotary lawnmowers are powered by an internal combustion engine, which operates in two or four cycles. Two-stroke engines burn a mixture of gasoline and oil, while four-stroke engines burn gasoline and have a separate lubrication system. However, rotary lawnmowers that use electric motors powered by a cable, a rechargeable battery, or even solar energy are also popular. All lawn mowers require you to press and hold some type of lever near the grips to start and run the engine.

This is called the blade control handle or brake safety arm. The moment you release it, the motor will shut down and the blade will stop rotating. A reel mower is a push mower that uses no fuel, electricity or oil and is powered by the person who pushes it. Most have two main wheels and several sharp blades in a cylinder that rotate to mow the lawn.

A reel lawn mower essentially cuts the lawn like a pair of scissors would. It doesn't have an integrated power supply; pushing it causes the blades to rotate. Most push reel mowers are manual, although you can also find ones that run on gasoline or battery. Dealing with all the gas, oil, and noise associated with regular mowers seems exaggerated for such a small space.

You'll also need to make sure it's balanced when you put it back in, using a tool called a balancer, which is available at lawn care shops. Considering the many benefits of a reel lawn mower, if you have a small lawn and don't mind the physical act of pushing your lawn mower around the yard, it's worth the price of a reel lawn mower. No matter how big or complicated it is, every rotary lawnmower needs a motor to make the blade turn fast enough to cut the grass blades cleanly. Another option besides reel mowers for those who have a small lawn is a lawn mower with a rechargeable battery.

You need to make sure your lawn mower is well made and that the blade sharpening kits for the brand you select are easy to find, as you will need to sharpen the blade regularly. In comparison, electric rotary mowers uproot and grind grass, which can leave turf vulnerable to insect attacks and diseases. Instead of cutting grass like scissors cut paper like a reel mower does, the rotary mower turns a horizontal blade fast enough to cut the grass when it hits it. In addition, you should spend more time and effort mowing your lawn than with a gasoline lawn mower.

That said, if you have a super spacious lawn, it may not be worth buying a reel lawn mower, as this type of mower is designed for small, flat lawns. The engine is the most important component of a lawn mower and should be treated as such with regular maintenance, such as changing the oil and replacing the spark plug and air filter. In the next part, we'll discuss some of the safety and maintenance issues involved in keeping a clean lawn. The pull cable is permanently connected to a ratcheted spring reel (most modern motors) or to a cable that must be manually wound onto the reel for each pull (mowers & outboard motors as a child).


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