What is a driving lawn mower called?

A seated lawn mower, also known as a seated mower, lawn mower, or lawn tractor, is a type of lawn mower in which the operator is seated, unlike mowers that are pushed or towed. Take control of a new seated lawn mower and work your way through acres of grass in less time. For seat mowers, accessories and maintenance products, The Home Depot has everything you need to help you manage and maintain your yard and lawn mower. These mowers tend to offer a more consistent lawn cut compared to push mowers because they are able to maintain a constant speed.

They are hugely popular and represent the majority of lawnmowers purchased each year, being especially common in small and medium-sized yards. For a lawn much larger than 3 acres, you would have to look for a zero-turn lawn mower or lawn mower. As experts noted, the size of your lawn will determine if you should invest in a seated lawn mower; it's usually not worth it for homeowners with less than half an acre. Many of these mowers will run for about an hour before you have to recharge them, which could be quite frustrating if you're only halfway through mowing your lawn when your battery runs out.

The ability to use the lawn mower can also be “crucial for homeowners who experience back problems and can't walk behind an average lawnmower without fatigue,” McKenzie said. A certified professional will assemble your lawn mower and then schedule a convenient delivery time and location for you. For mostly flat lawns that have some obstacles, zero-turn lawnmowers work on a dime and will give you the control and efficiency you need, cutting your working time in half. A lawn mower may be a necessary appliance for many homeowners, but those who have larger lawns to maintain may find that self-propelled or push lawn mowers simply don't mow it.

However, “if your garden is less than half an acre, a lawn mower with a seat can make mowing the lawn more tedious than necessary due to the size of the machine compared to the yard,” Steckel said. They also tend to be less adjustable than other mowers, giving you fewer options when it comes to lawn mowing height. Seated and push mowers are cutting tools with sharp blades and are potentially dangerous to children. These are mostly found on older lawn tractors, similar to older cars and can be useful for people who are used to using a shift lever or who can't control speeds as easily with the pedal.

Zero-turn mowers can get much closer to obstacles than other ride-on mowers, and can cut hard against garden edges, which will result in a better finish on most lawns. These types of lawnmowers work best for level lawns that don't have slopes or hills, since they don't work well on slopes. Since ride-on lawn mowers can vary greatly in size and function, it's important to consider what features work best for your lawn before splurging.

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