What is the difference between a lawn and garden tractor?

While lawn tractors are mostly used for mowing lawns, garden tractors can not only mow, but also clear snow, tow heavy equipment, till gardens, level driveways, and do just about any job you need to do. Garden tractors have a stronger construction, making them a more versatile machine. The biggest difference between these two lawnmowers is under the hood. Garden tractors often feature higher horsepower engines to meet the demands of multiple tasks, while lawn tractors generally provide lower power motors, since they specialize primarily in mowing lawns.

According to Husqvarna, there is a “key difference between a seated lawn mower and a lawn tractor. That is, when using a lawn tractor, the cutting blades are placed in the middle. This means they are ideal for cutting large open areas. Garden tractors tend to be stronger, larger and more powerful than lawn tractors.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that lawn tractors with hydrostatic transmissions tend to be simpler to operate. Whether you decide to buy a garden tractor or a lawn tractor, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying a new lawn mower. Lawn tractors, on the other hand, benefit from their compact construction and smaller drive tires, making it easier to navigate a tighter lawn and take the sharp turns that the larger garden tractor can't. If you have a modestly sized lawn to maintain and have the occasional need to move some supplies with a small trailer, then a lawn tractor may be all you need.

The right machine for you depends on the size of the lawn, as well as important factors such as budget and storage. In general, deciding between a lawn tractor and a garden tractor depends on your garden and what you want to achieve. A lawn tractor is mainly used for mowing lawns and is quite limited in terms of power, features, and expandability through implements. Garden tractors are excellent machines for doing big jobs that may include more than just mowing the lawn, but are larger and heavier, while lawn tractors are more agile and powerful for mowing a beautiful lawn.

Although you can purchase additional attachments for lawn tractors, they are not as rugged as garden tractors. It's time to buy or upgrade your seat mower, but with so many different brands, features, and capabilities, it's hard to determine which one is best for you. If the affordability of your tractor is an important factor, you may want to consider purchasing a lawn tractor. In addition, lawnmowers equipped with a hydrostatic drive are generally smoother than those without it, according to Consumer Reports.

As with any large purchase, when deciding between a lawn tractor or a garden tractor, cost is certainly an important factor. One of the most important differences between lawn tractors and garden tractors is that garden tractors generally come with a locking differential. Features such as differential lock help provide traction even in the worst conditions and the hydraulic power take-off deployment system makes it easy to connect and control a range of accessories.

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