Is a lawn tractor the same as a lawn mower?

Lawn tractors have a center-mounted cutting platform, while the cutting deck of a ride-on lawn mower is located below the front of the vehicle. Driver-driven lawnmowers are more maneuverable with the cutting platform at the front. Maneuverability is essential when grass is dotted with shrubs and trees. First of all, the two are not the same.

Despite some similarities, lawn tractors and driver-driven lawn mowers are definitely different. Which machine is right for you depends on the size of your lawn, as well as important factors such as budget and storage. Some retailers use the terms “lawn mower”, “lawn mower with seat” and “garden tractor” interchangeably. Find out what their differences are below.

The lawnmower exists to mow the lawn, that's all. The lawn tractor is a more versatile tool. You'll have room for car-like amenities, such as cup holders, and the seat is more comfortable, meaning it's designed for longer working hours, in short, for working in larger areas. A key difference between a tractor and a seated mower is the position of the cutting blades, which in garden tractors are located in the center of the machine.

This makes them very effective for cutting large gardens or areas of open ground and around wider objects such as trees and shrubs. A disadvantage compared to chauffeured mowers is that they cannot cut under low objects, such as benches, as the cutting deck cannot reach. This also creates a larger turning circle than that of a cyclist. Keeping up with size comes maneuverability.

A lawnmower is lighter and smaller. Combine it with those smaller wheels and make lawn tractors more agile. Typically, a garden tractor will have horsepower starting in your mid-twenties, while a lawn tractor will have less than twenty. Typically, a garden tractor will have large rear wheels to help tow and grab for those heavy-duty tasks.

A front-engined tractor that sits between a seated lawn mower and a traditional lawn or garden tractor. A look at the price of a lawn mower with a seat and a lawn tractor should be enough to convince you that there is a big difference. Some of the advantages of a lawn tractor are that it cuts a wide strip (from 42 inches to 54 inches +) with a wide platform model. Seated mowers have a cutting width of about 30 inches (76 centimeters), while a lawn tractor can cut up to 48 inches (121 cm) of grass.

We have explained that the difference between lawn tractors and garden tractors is in the work they are designed for. If you are primarily looking for a seat lawn mower, something that simply mows your lawn, a lawn tractor is perfect. It stands to reason that lawnmowers are generally smaller than lawn tractors, so if storage space is an issue, then a lawn mower with a seat may be your best option. Lawn tractors can tow a cart or vacuum attachment, and most models have a removable mowing deck, allowing you to add winter accessories such as a snow plow.

Speaking of accessories, a garden tractor will allow you to perform all kinds of work in addition to mowing the lawn. If your lawn is between 1 and 2 acres, then a lawn tractor is still a suitable tool, but a garden tractor (if the lawn has a regular shape and without too many obstacles) will do it faster. But if you're looking for something that doesn't just mow your lawn, but is useful all over the yard, then a garden tractor is your best bet. .

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